BatteryStatus Advanced is nominated for the “8th Annual Best Software Award 2008” in the category “Today Information plug-in” for touchscreen phone and non-phone devices and that’s great :)
BatteryStatus Advanced has been renamed to HomeScreen PlusPlus UI and is a software developed by me.

The development of BatteryStatus/HomeScreen++ started in 2006 as a simple Today-Plugin showing some indicators and doing some useful stuff for the XDA Neo. Since then, it has advanced a lot by help of fellow users over there at It has evolved to a fully customizeable plugin that can be used for any PocketPC-device with a touchscreen and running Windows Mobile 5.0 and higher, e.g. WM6 / WM6.1. While the using of the plugin is kept as simple as possible, a lot of the generic concepts employed allows for creating rich-functional themes. Moreover, the themes are adjusted automatically to fit the device’s screen resolution, that is it scales up QVGA-themes to show correctly on VGA-devices and vice versa.

see my previous post Previous post on 8th Annual Best Software Awards 2008

The Smartphone and Pocket PC magazine published by Thaddeus Computing from Fairfield is one of the most prominent print- and online-magazine for PocketPC’s and touchscreen devices (phone and non-phone) and they (together with prominent peoples as Board of Experts) yearly nominate new, popular and innovative software for such devices with the Best Software Award.

BatteryStatus Advanced is a 100% C/C++ coded application with some less asm-object-mods, therefore it runs very fast and without the need for additional frameworks….

With “HomeScreen ++ UI Edition” you can build your own User Interface by means of xml and make use of external scripting or application. You can create an application-launcher or place a digital-clock with seconds or show the date and other indicators, such as cpu-utilization, memory usage of sd-card, storage, ram, or flashcards. Furthermore you can integrate other today-plugins into the theme, which are loaded as with the default-todayscreen.

With the current release-candidate you can use fluidly view-switching-animations, such as slide in, slide out, blend in, blend out, page flip, or cube. The former ones perform very quick and fluidly on QVGA-resolution as well as on VGA-resolution.

see the following videos made by fellow users over there at, (btw the videos are slow in terms of framerate, but the animations are more fluidly in reality since they are trimmed to human-eyes-fps):

<a href=";autostart=true" target="_blank">;autostart=true</a>

<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

So what comes next.. that’s a good question.. there are interesting feature requests here at the discussion-place and you can still make feature requests, but i can’t say for sure wich one of them gets implemented.
HomeScreen++UI version 1.06 is now in “Release Candidate”-state and will be released as finished release soon.
Features planned, that is they are very probably to get implemented, for the version 1.07 are dll-support (allowing programmers to supply dlls for placing custom-functions into HomeScreen++) and advanced landscape/portrait-support. There are more features planned though ;)


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