Raulka (a fellow user from xda-developers) has released an updated Floyd 2.4 theme suitable for VGA/WVGA/QVGA/WQVGA/Portrait/Landscape.


  • VGA sized beautiful graphics
  • 7 types of clocks (change with Floyd’s toggle button)
  • 4 types of icons (change with Floyd’s toggle button)
  • 4 types of buttons (change with Floyd’s toggle button)
  • Almost every icons/labels have ontap and/or onhold function
  • v2.4 – Only two Cab released: QVGA and VGA which are contains all of previous versions in portrait and landscape too! Small graphics changes in portrait versions too. Important! After you changed the screen orientation from portrait to landscape or landscape to portrait, first of all just click on CPU usage (%) button and wait 7-8 secs. This will set the correct xml and notestoday + todaycalendar settings to the new orientation!

Head over to xda-developers.com and check out Raulkas Floyd theme.

updated tinybatch.exe to support sending of window messages

Format: PostMessage WindowClass WindowTitle WM_MESSAGE wParam lParam
# Set Vibra Mode
PostMessage HHTaskBar NULL 1156 2 0

# Set Normal Mode
PostMessage HHTaskBar NULL 1156 0 0

# Set Silent Mode
PostMessage HHTaskBar NULL 1156 3 0

The Smartphone and Pocket PC magazine published by Thaddeus Computing from Fairfield is one of the most prominent print- and online-magazine for PocketPC’s and touchscreen devices (phone and non-phone) and they (together with prominent peoples as Board of Experts) yearly nominate new, popular and innovative software for such devices with the Best Software Award.

I’ve just discovered that BatteryStatus Advanced [which is called HomeScreen PlusPlus UI now] (a software developed by me) is on the preliminary list for the nominees 2008 in the category “Today Information plug-in” for touchscreen phone and non-phone devices and that’s great :)

What’s worth to mention is that BatteryStatus Advanced is listed along with SBSH PocketBreeze or SPB Diary, which are very popular software-packages in the scene around windows mobile based touchscreen devices and there are only 5 projects nominated in this category.

BatteryStatus Advanced is a 100% C/C++ coded application with some less asm-object-mods, therefore it runs very fast and without the need for additional frameworks. Furthermore BatteryStatus has an extremely low and optimized memory-usage on runtime (even with big-xml-themes).
BatteryStatus was one of the first (or maybe the first) using an xml-based Row/View-concept and derived classes for UI-design on PPC-devices and some more (still) experimental concepts.

BatteryStatus was nominated 2007, but didn’t get further to the finals, so let’s see whether BatteryStatus gets to the next step (the list of Nominees :) ). If so, then i will give a prospect of the further developments of BatteryStatus-Plugin hehe