HomeScreen PlusPlus – formerly BatteryStatus Free

A battery plugin for the Today-Screen

Manual for Free Edition

Table of Contents – Manual Free Edition
whats here and where to go

2.2. Initial

HomeScreen PlusPlus is a freeware today-plugin which shows the remaining load of the main battery for XDA Neo (HTC Prophet – Windows Mobile 5 Phone Edition). This is the function by design. Other devices are reported to work with this plugin as well. Have a look at the requirements.


It looks similar to the O2-Battery-Plugin of XDA mini, but without the remaining load of backup-battery. In consideration of the weak average batteryperformance, this plugin does not poll for values if you dont want it do so. The powermanager (on his way) pops in when something regarding the battery has changed and notifies (us) the plugin …
Similar to the batteryload is the implementation of the mobile operator name, which is notified by the notification broker of WM5. Hence the code of this plugin is only touched when there is a need to do this.

ToDay-Screen HomeScreen PlusPlus

With great help of some users of, there are more functions provided by HomeScreen PlusPlus. It can show you incoming and outgoing calltimes for daily and monthly usage as well as incoming and outgoing summed up. Btw. the reading shows D:… for daily calltimes and M:… for monthly calltimes.

ToDay-Screen HomeScreen PlusPlus

Furthermore it can count incoming and outgoing sms for monthly usage and show the actual cpuspeed.

HomeScreen PlusPlus can also log (write into a file) the date, time, duration and callnumber of incoming and outgoing calls and sms to an xml-file.

ToDay-Screen HomeScreen PlusPlus

There are also indicators which needs to poll periodically and can be activated/deactivated by show or hide them. These indicators are actual signal strength of phone modul, free memory for program-storage and sd-card, free memory for data (program-usage) and batterydrain in mA or mW.

ToDay-Screen HomeScreen PlusPlus

You can start CommManager of prophet by tap on the mobile operator name text or terminate CommManager by tap and hold on the mobile operator name. CommManager is the default program to start, but you can provide another app in the options.

ToDay-Screen HomeScreen PlusPlus

WARNING !!! Use this piece of software at your own risk !!! I am not responsible for any damage caused by this software !!! WARNING

Within the execution-context of a today-plugin, there are more things one can do, thus this plugin provides some further needfully functions.

  • It can activate DeviceLock of WM5 on wakeup.
  • It can overclock the omap850 cpu of XDA Neo to a customizable Speed (manual or on wakeup).

The latter comes from the ti-specs and works similar to the well known application OmapClock.exe of intruders (xda-developers).

WARNING !!! Use this piece of software at your own risk !!! I am not responsible for any damage caused by this software !!! WARNING

2.3. Requirements
on which devices will it work
  • XDA Neo – Windows Mobile 5 Phone Edition
  • BatterStatus is tested only on a XDA Neo (HTC – Prophet with O2-ROM-Image), but following devices were reported to be working with too:
    • With omap-cpu:
      HTC Prophet – Qtek S200, Dopod 818pro, XDA Neo, VPA compact S, i-mate JAMin, Orange SPV M600

      HTC Wizard – Qtek 9100, Dopod 838, Xda Mini S, VPA compact II, Cingular 8125, T-Mobile MDA Vario, i-mate K-JAM, Orange SPV M3000

      HTC Artemis – HTC P3300, Xda Orbit, T-Mobile MDA Compact 3

    • Any other device with Windows Mobile 5 Phone Edition without omap-cpu should be ok too, but without overclocking-functions, e.g. HTC P3600, HTC Universal

2.4. HowTo
ok where to start ..
  • First of all: if you want to disable the plugin in case of malfunction of HomeScreen PlusPlus, just insert an SD-Card with an empty file “StopBatteryStatus.txt” in root-directory.
  • Download the cab-file or use the setup-installer to install HomeScreen PlusPlus.
  • Afterwards HomeScreen PlusPlus is activated and you can set up the options by tap and hold on the left-most (battery/ac) icon (the left red marker in the image)
    ToDay-Screen HomeScreen PlusPlus
    or by following steps: Start ->Settings ->Personal ->Today ->Items ->HomeScreen PlusPlus (check)
ToDay-Screen Elements

After installation, there is only the “Show Plugin” activated. You can activate the other functions in the Options-Dialog of HomeScreen PlusPlus as shown in the following screenshots.

How can i show or hide a row?

First of all you need to know that a short tap on the left-most icon of a row does show or hide the next row.
e.g. In the following image you can see only the first row.

ToDay-Screen HomeScreen PlusPlus

If you tap on the left-most icon as shown in the previous image, then the next (second) row gets visible. A tap on this place again will hide the second row, thus with each tap the visibility of the next below to the current row gets toggled.

No rule without an exception: The last row itself can be hidden by tap on the left-most place.

The “General”-Tab
the tabs explained

allows to set the main-functions.

ToDay-Screen HomeScreen PlusPlus Options General
  • Show Plugin on Today-Screen: You must leave this option checked to see HomeScreen PlusPlus on the today-screen. If you dont want the plugin to be visible on today-screen (working in background), then leave this option unchecked.
  • Use Bold Fontweight: This option sets the fontweight of first row (mobile operator name, cpuspeed, batteryload) to bold. You can toggle this by tap on the percentage-text of batteryload.
ToDay-Screen HomeScreen PlusPlus Options Omap
  • Show CpuSpeed: This option lets the cpuspeed-reading appear for all cpus (if OEM-support is enabled and working correctly). Furthermore this option reads the cpuspeed on each repaint.
  • Show Mobile Operator: This option shows the current mobile operator.
  • Align text to center: This option aligns the mobile operator text to center.
  • Start program on tap of mobile Op.: Here you can provide the path to an executable, which will be started by tap on mobile operator text.
  • Show Cell Broadcast Messages: With this option you can show incoming cell broadcast messages in periodically alternating to the mobile operator name. You must manually subscribe the channel (e.g. channel 50 for cityname – provider specific !) in the phone settings of your phone.
ToDay-Screen HomeScreen PlusPlus Options Omap
The “Indicator”-Tab
the tabs explained

ToDay-Screen HomeScreen PlusPlus Options Indicators
allows to make more indicators visible. All these indicators activates a periodically poll for the values. An invalid or inappropriate value of an indicator indicates that it isnt supported by your hardware or correctly implemented by the oem of your hardware.

  • Show more Indicators: This option lets more indicators (batterydrain, signal strength, free memory, battery-temperature) appear. You can toggle the temperature-reading between degree celsius and fahrenheit by tap on the temperature-reading.
  • Use Small Fontsize: This option sets a more stylish small fontsize.
  • Refreshrate: Here you can set the seconds for the periodically update of the values.

ToDay-Screen HomeScreen PlusPlus Options Omap

Show Powerdrain: The batterydrain is shown in mA or mW. A prefixed plus indicates charging. No sign prior to the mA/mW-value indicates discharge or use of ac (Note: this behaviour depends heavily on batterydriver even though it is specified by MS-API). You can toggle between mA and mW by tap on the reading.

ToDay-Screen HomeScreen PlusPlus Options Omap

Ignore FlashCards, Force SD-Card: HS++ automatically shows the free memory of an internal flashcard, if there is one. If there is no internal flashcard, then the SD-Card is used.
This option allows for overriding the detection of internal flashcards and directly uses SD-Cards.

There are registry-values affecting value-retrieval:

HKLM\\SOFTWARE\\Microsoft\\Today\\Items\\HomeScreen PlusPlus
Name Type Description
BatterySkipCache DWORD 1 = Retrieve latest values
0 = Use cached values
Controls how to retrieve from batterydriver.

Note: These values are retrieved from batterydriver and if your batterydriver does not implement / support these values –> they will not be read out correct.

Note: The third row needs to poll periodically. Hide the third row (by tap) stops that polling. Show the third row starts polling for the values again.

Free memory: This reading can be toggled between free memory of program-space/sd-card or data-memory for program-execution by tap on the reading.

ToDay-Screen HomeScreen PlusPlus Options Omap
The “Tools”-Tab
the tabs explained

allows to set functions for wakeup/resume of device.

ToDay-Screen HomeScreen PlusPlus Options for Tools

  • DeviceLock on WakeUp: This option locks the device by means of DeviceLock of WM5 on wakeup.
  • BackLight Fix for 10s-Bug: This option respects to the BackLight on some devices. It reverts to 10 sec. after a softreset, when using DeviceLock. If you have such a device, you can try this fix. Just set the time for the BackLight and HomeScreen PlusPlus tries doing the rest.
  • Show Today-Screen on WakeUp: This option brings the today-screen to foreground on resume. This does not work reliable !

There are registry-values affecting DeviceLock:

HKLM\\SOFTWARE\\Microsoft\\Today\\Items\\HomeScreen PlusPlus
Name Type Description
DeviceLockOnWakeup DWORD 1 = Invoke DeviceLock when Device wakes up
0 = Invoke DeviceLock as soon as device suspends
The “Omap”-Tab
the tabs explained

is visible only if a omap-cpu was detected (of course, the XDA Neo must have one).

ToDay-Screen HomeScreen PlusPlus Options Omap

WARNING !!! Use this piece of software at your own risk !!! Overclocking means that you run your cpu at a clockspeed not inteded by the manufacturer or provider of your device !!! I am not responsible for any damage caused by this software !!! WARNING

  • Original cpuspeed: Here you must enter the original cpuspeed. If you dont know it, you can use the Get-Button. By the way, the cpu of XDA Neo runs originally on 195 MHz.
  • Overclock to Speed: With this combobox you can set the cpuspeed to which the plugin shall overclock the cpu. 260 MHz has turned out to be the highest clockspeed for a stable operating of XDA Neo.
  • Overclock on wakeup: This option let HomeScreen PlusPlus overclock the cpu on wakeup/resume of the device. The latter implies, that the cpuspeed falls back to the original cpuspeed if the device switches in one of the sleep modes. This is controlled by the operating system itself !
  • Remember last CpuSpeed: If this option is checked, then the cpuspeed before going to suspend will be restored after wakeup.
  • Overclock after Reboot: If you want your device to be overclocked after a softreset, then you must check this option. Be careful with this option. I would not do that, so its your choice and you have to know what you do.

The cpuspeed can be toggled between orignal and overclocked by tap on the cpuspeed-reading (MHz-Text) on the today-Screen.

ToDay-Screen HomeScreen PlusPlus Options Omap

If you want to deactivate or activate (toggle) the option “Set on wakeup” without going into the options-dialog, you can do this by tap and hold on the cpuspeed-reading (MHz-Text).

Thats it for overclocking, but be aware that each time the device starts up, then the plugin is loaded and executed as configured. That is, if you have set a too high cpuspeed and caused your device to reboot –> your device will end up in a loop of startup, freeze or reboot, startup, freeze or reboot… which will never end without manual intervention.
To reduce loss caused by this circumstance, the plugin will be disabled if HomeScreen PlusPlus has detected 8 softresets in succession without using the device for more than 4 minutes after at least one of the softresets. If you run into this situation, you must reenable the plugin by enter the options once.

The “Calltimes”-Tab
the tabs explained

allows to set the calltimes-functions.

ToDay-Screen HomeScreen PlusPlus Options Calltimes

  • Count CallTimes (Outgoing): With these options you can choose which calltimes you want to see on the today-screen. If a option is not checked, then it is deactivated.
  • Count SMS: If you are not using the default messaging application of windows mobile 5 for sending sms, then you need to enable delivery notifications for counting to work.Note: Sms in sent-folder can be deleted automatically after counting by creating the registry-value (DWORD) “DeleteSentSms” = 1 under HomeScreen PlusPlus-Key:
    HKLM\\SOFTWARE\\Microsoft\\Today\\Items\\HomeScreen PlusPlus
  • Log Selected to XML-File: With this option, you can log all the selected events. They will be saved to the file BSCallTimes.xml (in My Documents/CallTimes). These logs can give you the (formatted) number for use of Freenumber.
  • Automatically Reset Counter on: This option let the counter reset at a specific hour for the daily counter and on a specific day for the monthly counter.e.g. If hour of day is set to 2 o clock and day is set to the 20th of a month, then the daily counter will be reset to 0 each day at the transition from 1:59 -> 2:00 o clock. If at this time the day of month is the 20th, then the monthly counter will also reset to 0.You can also manually reset the counter with the Reset-Button. Also the logfile BSCallTimes.xml will be renewed when the monthly counter is set back and the old file will be renamed to BSCallTimes.Year.Month.Day.xml
  • Round Counter: This option rounds the seconds of each incoming phone call (first minute/any further seconds) in the following manner:
    The first number specifies how to round the seconds of first minute and the second number specifies how to round any following seconds. btw. 1/1 has no effect to calltimes.

    e.g. 60/10 transforms a call with 23 sec. to 60 seconds. A call with 73 sec. is transformed to 80 seconds (60+20).

  • Exception List: You can add some numbers to be excluded from outgoing calltimes by means of the “Exception List”-Button

ToDay-Screen HomeScreen PlusPlus Options Calltimes

  • Add: Enter a number to be excluded into the textbox and push the Add-button.
  • Del: Select a number in the list and push the Del-Button to delete an entry.
  • Back: This button brings you back to the CallTimes-Tab.
The “About”-Tab
the tabs explained

shows the About-Info, where you can find the version of HomeScreen PlusPlus.

ToDay-Screen HomeScreen PlusPlus Options About

2.5. Uninstall
how to remove the plugin

In order to uninstall the plugin, you need to make use of “Remove Programs” of Windows-Settings.

If you are using the very old version 0.02.403, then you must deactivate/uncheck the plugin at first by Start/Settings/Today/HomeScreen PlusPlus.

If you failed to uninstall, then you can manually remove it by means of an registry-editor and totalcommander:

  • Start the registry-editor and navigate to
    HKLM\\SOFTWARE\\Microsoft\\Today\\Items\\HomeScreen PlusPlus
  • Delete the Subkey “”HomeScreen PlusPlus”
  • Start ghislers totalcommander and navigate to the “\Program Files” directory
  • Delete the directory “HomeScreen PlusPlus”

2.6. HomeZone
home addon

HomeScreen PlusPlus kann auf dem Today-Bildschirm des XDA NEO anzeigen, ob man sich gerade in der eigenen HomeZone (des Mobilfunkbetreibers O2 frueher viag interkom) befindet oder nicht.

Es funktioniert NUR mit O2 im GSM-Netzwerk!!! Es funktioniert NUR mit O2 im GSM-Netzwerk!!!

Wer es probieren will, ladet sich die Erweiterung fuer HomeScreen PlusPlus herunter und startet es auf dem Desktop-Computer.

INFO !!! Das ist keine Software von O2 !!! Sie nutzen dies auf eigenes Risiko ! Der Autor ist nicht verantwortlich fuer Schaeden oder Kosten jeglicher Art, die durch die Nutzung dieser Software entstehen koennen.

Wenn Sie dies nicht verstanden haben, verwenden Sie die Software nicht !!!

Installation entweder mit der folgenden cab:

[drain file 8 show default_dl]

oder mit dem Desktop-Installer:

[drain file 9 show default_dl]

Nach der Installation siehst du im General-Tab eine weitere Option “HomeZone”.
ToDay-Screen HomeScreen PlusPlus Options About

  • HomeZone: Mit dieser Option aktivierst du die HomeZone-Anzeige. Direkt nach dem Schliessen der Optionen werden die Telefoneinstellungen automatisch aufgerufen, um die Sendekanaele zu aktivieren. HomeScreen PlusPlus versucht die Telefoneinstellungen auch automatisch wieder zu schliessen, aber falls das mal nicht klappen sollte, dann muss dieses mit einem Klick auf ok manuell geschlossen werden.
    Das ist nicht die perfekte Loesung, aber es geht momentan nicht anders. Falls jemand programmatisch einen Weg kennt, um die Telefoneinstellungen zu aktualisieren BITTE MELDEN !!!

Nachdem die Telefoneinstellungen geschlossen wurden, kann es etwas dauern bis die ersten Koordinaten der Funktuerme eintrudeln und dadurch dann eine eventuelle HomeZone angezeigt werden kann.

Es wurde mir mit der jetzigen Beta-Version berichtet (Danke an dieser Stelle !!!), dass die HomeZone erst richtig funktioniert, wenn die HomeZone verlassen und wieder betreten wird. Das ist korrekt und ist eine Massnahme des Telefontreibers, welcher anstatt jede Koordinatennachricht zu melden, lediglich die Transitionen (Uebergaenge) meldet. Wenn ihr “unter” einem Funkturm wohnt oder weit und breit nur ein Funkturm euer Telefon versorgt, wird so eine Transition so gut wie nicht auftreten…
Natuerlich koennte HomeScreen PlusPlus das Telefon ausschalten und wieder einschalten um dieses Manko zu beheben, aber diese Uebung ueberlasse ich lieber dem Benutzer. Also ein Ausschalten und wieder Einschalten mit dem CommManager hilft dem aus.

Ein Softreset ist normalerweise nicht erforderlich, aber es kann fuer die vorher beschriebene Situation aushelfen !
Wenn ihr das machen wollt, dann wartet mindestens 20-30 Sekunden damit die Einstellungen aus dem Cache ganz sicher im Flashmemory gelandet sind !!!

2.6.1 HomeZone auf Asus
home addon

Achtung: Folgende Hinweise beziehen sich auf HomeScreen PlusPlus mit Versionsnummer 0.04.201 bzw. 1.04.201 und hoeher !!!

Bei den Geraeten von Asus (z.B. Asus P535) hat sich herausgestellt, dass das Telefonmodul scheinbar nicht alles aus der SIM-Karte auslesen kann, d.h. die Koordinaten der eigenen HomeZone koennen nicht ermittelt werden.

Es gibt allerdings eine kleine Chance, wie das Haeuschen doch angezeigt werden kann. Ihr benoetigt dafuer Zugriff auf ein Geraet, welches das Auslesen der SIM vollstaendig unterstuetzt, z.B. irgendein Bekannter mit einem XDA ;)

[drain file 31 show default_dl]

Ladet euch [drain file 31 url] herunter, Entpackt BSReadSIM.exe aus dem Zip, Startet den XDA mit euerer SIM und fuehrt BSReadSIM.exe anschliessend auf dem (XDA) Geraet aus. Ein Nachrichtenfenster sollte erscheinen und euch die Koordinaten aus der SIM verraten. Diese schreibt ihr ab und erstellt auf euerem Asus folgende Registry-Eintraege mit entsprechend abgeschriebenen Werten:

Name Type Description
HZHorz DWORD Horizontal Koordinate
HZRight DWORD Rechts Koordinate
HZRadius DWORD Radius

Falls sich euere HomeZone aendert oder ihr sie manuell aendert, muessen diese Schritte nochmals durchgefuehrt werden !!!

Falls das Haeuschen nicht erscheint, koennt ihr einfach mal probieren, die Horizontalkoordinate mit Rechtskoordinate in der Registry zu vertauschen. Kann leider nicht so viel Zeit in dieses Thema investieren.

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